Improve Marketing Results With These Push Money App Facebook Strategies

By | February 21, 2016

If you haven’t heard, Facebook to market your business is an extremely effective way to spread the word while also being cost efficient when done the right way. While primarily a social platform, understanding how to promote there will be highly valuable as countless other marketers are doing it everyday. Read on to learn all the various ways which are possible and how you can apply it in your business.

Be consistent in your updates on your Facebook page. Analyze your insight statistics to see how responsive they are, what times they are interacting most and ultimately which posts they really like the best. Posting daily is usually recommended but if you find that spreading it out to every other day or weekly gets more response, then switch to that posting pattern. What you are looking to do though is establish some consistency so your fans will know when to expect something new. Think of treating your page like a favorite television show for your fans. If you’re not on when they expect you to be, people will lose interest. This will also effect the Facebook algorithm which will then be less likely to show your posts in your fans feeds.

push-money-app-developing-a-facebook-strategyPosting boring or useless information is not recommended either. Take time to select relevant Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan information that not only informs but if possible entertains as well. It doesn’t have to be just about your company’s services or products. It can be relevant industry news. Study often what is doing well for competitors and emulate plus improve whenever possible. Tie in current news events around hot topics and relate it to your company in some way is a creative way to do this.

Be honest with yourself about why you’re implementing a Facebook strategy. Is it only because of what you heard or read about in the latest trade magazine? By clearly stating your goals and having targets to reach will go a long way in helping you plan a proper Facebook strategy. While posting is important, if you can’t get cohesive with the nature of Facebook and how they interact with your page, it will be a waste. There are clearly ways to utilize Facebook without even having a large following and stringent posting schedule, such as through the Facebook ads.

Speaking of ads, use them often. As the Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan advertising platform keeps maturing, the sophisticated audience targeting allows you to get very granular in the types of people you can expose your company to. This of course begins by truly knowing the avatar of your perfect customer. Knowing as much as possible about them such as if they are predominantly a man or woman, what other pages they like, what are their hobbies, education, household income, etc. will provide an edge in this regard. Facebook allows you the ability to really reach this much detail.

Test often and learn as much as possible since as the results come in with the ads, you should reinvest more into it. Look alike audiences and re-targeting are just more of the advanced strategies which are possible with Facebook. Pictures are one of the biggest contributing factors to click through’s on ads as well as regular posts so make it a habit to not only test these often but also to obtain or take only high resolution pictures which have this type of impact. Placing nice graphical elements on them too, but be careful not to exceed the 20% of text rule that Facebook has strictly in place.

Facebook constantly introduces new ways to use their platform. Always test out these new things since first mover’s usually have the most advantage. Cheaper pricing and lower competition equal more profits.

Experiment with other elements in Facebook such as tabs. While by default when creating a new page they have the general information tab and the “wall”, adding some others such as products, newsletters or contests work well. Done properly, a good contest will particularly draw in quite a bit of response when handled right. By having these other tabs, you increase the likelihood of being more original than your competitors.

As you can see, Facebook offers various ways to really maximize your presence online and offline. While likes and shares themselves won’t pay the bills, using effective Facebook strategies to funnel prospects properly through your Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan marketing funnel has been a very rewarding channel for other businesses. Why not make it a huge one for you as well?

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