Is Anik Singal’s Lurn Insider’s Free Email Marketing The Right Service For You?

By | May 1, 2017

Lurn Insider Email MarketingSo what are the true benefits provided by a free-emailing marketing service?

Which kinds of  Lurn Insider businesses is it best suited for?

And when it comes to free e-mail marketing services, what is the final judgement on it?

Just like trying to figure out which kind of online marketing software is best for your business, you also need enough information on the topic of free e-mail marketing services in order to make the right decision for your business and yourself.

If you are thinking about adding in an online marketing service as part of your overall marketing campaigns, the following simple questions can help guide you into making the best decision for your business.

What Kind Of Business Is Best For Using A Free E-mail Marketing Service With?

Start-ups and  Lurn Insider businesses

Free e-mail marketing services are perfect for small startups that have limited staffing and funds. It is a great way to generate publicity for a new business.

Businesses That Aren’t Sure What Benefits E-Mail Marketing Provides

It is surprising, but there are a number of businesses that hesitate about whether or not to get involved with the lucrative practice of email marketing. After all, free is free. This is painless and simple way to get amazing benefits from email marketing overall.

Marketing Budget Constraints

These days all businesses are felling the pinch, with marketing budgets across the board being slashed. Free e-email marketing services aren’t for businesses that are into email already, but rather for those constrained without adding in a poor economy. Start-ups and small businesses will benefit from free email marketing services despite the limit service options that are available.

Staff constraints

Free e-mail marketing services need very little management and oversight. Businesses that decide to take the plunge with a free service will discover that it is easy and simple to manage their email marketing campaigns. However, when a paid email marketing service is used, more money, time and staff is required.

What Benefits Do A Free E-mail Marketing Service Provide?

This is clearly the greatest benefit of all. Free is free. For businesses with constrained staffing capabilities and budgets free is great. Free is also awesome for start-ups. Free lets you try email marketing out without any risks.


Free marketing services are easy and simple, unlike paid services. There’s isn’t much fuss to them. It is easy to set up free services and start marketing right away with any overly complicated design templates. In just minutes, you can be sharing your services and products with supporters while driving customers who are even more curious to signing up to receive your e-newsletter.

What Disadvantages Are There From Making Use Of A Anik Singal’s Lurn Insider Email Marketing Service?


Like the old saying goes, which is something we have always supported, you get what you pay for. Free means limited customer support. Free tends to be limited in general.

Inability To Completely Customize Your Email Campaigns

One great thing about paid email marketing services is you can do whatever you would like in order to make your emails stand out and truly represent your business in the best light. When you use a free email marketing service, you will be limited to whatever templates are offered, in addition to limited social media links, icons and graphics.

List Size Support Is Limited

A majority of free email marketing services have limits in terms of how large your subscriber list can be. What that means is that you can only send out emails to a certain number of subscribers. That can really be inhibiting and restrict the grow of your overall subscriber list ultimately.

Analytical Tools Are Limited

Above everything else, it is critical to understand trends and your subscribers’ habits. It is what makes an email marketing campaign succeed. However, if you don’t have the ability to track this crucial data, then you won’t be able to respond appropriately. Although numerous free email marketing services offer analytic tools, they all tend to be limited. You get the basics only. Advanced analytical tools make it possible for you to change and adapt, and this is something that isn’t offered by free services.

How Are Your Competitors Handling Their E-Mail Marketing Campaigns?

No matter what kind of business you happen to be in, your choices will be informed by taking a lot at how your competitors are conducting their email marketing. There is a good chance that your competitors follow email marketing trends and increase their budgets for email marketing.

Industry leaders and your competitors recognize that the main way that customers interact with businesses is through e-mail marketing.

So, When It Comes To Free  Lurn Insider E-Mail Marketing Services What Is The Final Verdict?

Free email-marketing services can be perfect in certain rare cases. However, businesses using this kind of software will grow tired of the limitations rather quickly and will evolve past the capabilities of the software.

Similar to programs sending free SMS, free survey programs and free fax software, you definitely get what you pay for.

To Read a full review head over to and by reading you can decide up front if Anik Singa’s Lurn Insider E-Mail Marketing Services are worth it.

If you are really interested in fully participating in Anik’s e-mail marketing revolution, you need to understand that the least thing for you to consider is cost. Look at it from a long-term view, and understand that your investment will definitely pay for itself over the long run.

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