The One Hour Binary Option – Making Money Within An Hour

By | December 18, 2016

Binary option is a kind of trading that many take it as an all-or-nothing trading. This is because you can either win or lose what you have in an instant. This makes it different from all those conventional trading techniques because an investor knows  where  and the amount they can win or loss, even before trading. In other words, you cannot lose more than the amount you intent and the returns are truly high. For this reason, it has made binary trading an attractive investment to investors. Moreover, it is easy to learn.wikik-s

What Do You Need To Trade In  Binary Options

• A reliable internet connection
• A PC (Either a desktop or laptop)
• A Reputable Trading Platform

Steps To Train In Binary Options

1. The Trading Platform

A trading platform is very important when it comes to trading in binary platform. The platform should offer high returns on investment. The best way to get the best trading platform is through research. To achieve this is by typing the name of the broker you are interested in and you will get all the information you need. Keep in mind that there is no boundary to information especially when it comes to investing your money. While at it, try to get, as much information as you can that is relevant to your investment and investment on return.

2. Opening An Accountwiki-qaa

Opening an account or registering is the next step. Opening an account with the broker of your choice is important. Registration is usually easy and simple to do. In actual sense, it is straightforward. You will be required to fill in your name, address, your country, and other information.

3. Deposit Money Into Your Account

The next thing is to deposit some money into your account, which will be your capital. There are brokers who give out bonus for deposits. It is important to know if your broker offers such a bonus, which will go to your trading.

4. Going To The Trading Center

By going to the trading center, you will see all the stocks available for trading and their expiry duration. In most cases, the expiry time is usually after an hour. If this is so, then know that your trade is an hour wiki-wintrading stock, which means that within an hour, you will get to know if your trade has been successful or you have encountered a loss.

5. Picking Out The Stock You Want To Trade

The next step is to go through all the stocks available to you to identify the best trade. This can be done by going through all charts related to each stock and do not forget to read latest news, which can affect the movement of the stock.

If you think the stock will rise, you should choose the “call” button. If you think the stock will fall, then you should click on the “fall” Button. After which you should enter the amount you would like to risk. The platform’s inbuilt calculator will then calculate your possible return. A graph of the stock’s movement will then appear. The good news is that the graph minute bar can be adjusted.


If what you predicted comes true, you will gain a wikitrader reviews profit. The amount will be a percentage of the money you placed. The percentage will vary and in most cases, it ranges between 65% – 80%. The higher the percentage, the higher the risk. However, if your prediction is correct, the higher profit you will gain.

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